TomTom Sat Nav map updates

TomTom sat-nav map updates: Faster, Efficient & Safer Driving

We are the pioneers of mapping technology, satnav devices, sports watches, action cameras. When you buy our satnav devices they have the latest maps and software pre-installed in them. They would take you to your destination on time safely. However, with time the efficiency of the devices decrease because of the always ongoing construction of roads, highways, change of addresses. To keep our customers updated with all the changes TomTom satnav map updates are released every quarter.

TomTom satnav map updates

Satnav updates are necessary for the proper working of the device. After the device update, route calculation and the connection with the satellite again becomes better. It again starts taking you to your destination via the most efficient route.

We recommend all our users update their devices once every 3-months for taking full advantage of the navigation. You can download the latest maps by clicking the button. We also publish additional maps and software updates regularly.

How do I update my SatNav?

If you are looking for the answer to "update my SatNav" you are at the right place. Before you start updating the device, register it on the official server by entering your email address and password. You would also need to enter your name, device serial number and address.

update my SatNav

Once you are done registering the device, click the download button. You would also require TomTom Home or MyDrive for updating the device, depending upon the model of your device. These tools alert you when there is an update available for your device. Connect the device with the computer, the download may take from a few minutes to an hour depending upon the update size.

Keeping up with the technology our new devices now features in-built WiFi. You need to connect the device with a secured network for the update. If you are not sure about how to update using WiFi, you can use the computer.

We provide each device with detailed instructions to update. However, if you are unsure or finding it difficult to update you can contact us.

SatNav map updates: Get the latest maps

We release satnav map updates every 3-months for helping our users drive efficiently. Different updates are published regularly.

SatNav Free Uddate

Free Updates

When you buy a new GPS device you are entitled to some updates. It depends upon the device model. You can download four updates in a year until the subscription.

SatNav Paid Update

Paid Updates

These updates include new maps or services like Live traffic, weather alerts. You can get these updates anytime by paying a small subscription fee.

 SatNav Lifetime Update

Lifetime Updates

Some device models come with a lifetime map update. You can get four updates in a year for the working life of the device. These updates are of the same region the device came at the time of purchasing.

To download the updates, run the TomTom Home or MyDrive Connect on your computer. Login to your official account when prompted and wait for the GPS device to turn on.

When the device is connected, the tool will automatically look for available updates and synchronize the updates to your device. If your device is not showing connected or you are having any trouble with the unit, contact us immediately.

Finding it difficult to update your SatNav

If you are finding it difficult to update your SatNav, you can contact our GPS support on the helpline number, email or chat. You can get a resolution from our GPS experts.

To get better support from our customer care executive, you need to be logged in with your TomTom account. You can chat with our customer service agents immediately. Our GPS experts will provide you with the necessary assistance. If you are still having trouble with your device, you can get help over the helpline number.

We offer support in the following ways:

  • Live Chat: You can chat directly with one of our GPS experts. They will provide you with step-by-step guidance and support materials.
  • Email: You can send your questions and get answers within 24-hours.
  • Helpline number: Contact us on our helpline number or you can arrange a call back at a time convenient to you.
update your SatNav

All our team members are experts and friendly human beings. We love answering your questions, solving problems & helping you get the most out of your GPS device. We offer secure and fast support.