Location technology for safe driving

TomTom maps: Raising the bar for modern navigation

TomTom maps are the industry pioneers of modern map-making technology. We are leaders of the map makers around the globe making maps for every purpose. We make intuitive maps for satnavs, automatic driving systems, webs and apps.

Our mapping technology can be found everywhere. We power millions of devices and apps for smoother, safer driving. Our company provides mapping data and technology to some of the world’s largest organizations. We are a trusted name for navigation, search and display.

We map what is most important to the users with our precise and sophisticated technology. With automation, we are quickly able to process the change around us. But, our maps are not only about taking you from point A to point B safely. We update all the information like Points Of Interests, address, regulations regularly.

We have developed a seamless method for shortening the time it takes to detect a change on road in the real world to update on our maps. Our huge active online community, inputs from GPS devices, in-dash systems and smartphones provide us with the data. We can continuously release incremental map updates for safe driving.

TomTom GPS Map

TomTom Map updates: For efficient and safe driving

Get improved location sensor perception, precise localization and improved route planning with the latest TomTom map updates. It enables you to safely execute every manoeuvre. The updates bring to you safe autonomous and efficient driving.

TomTom map updates

We understand that for safe driving you need regular map updates. We bring to you every detail on the HD maps. Get improved turn-by-turn navigation with updated streets, roads and highways. Our next generations of maps deliver to you up-to-date, highly accurate and life-like representations of the roads.

TomTom is the market leader for automated driving technology. We are the champions of the high-definition map-making from the start and have been showing the way for others to follow. Over 3-million vehicles on the road and 90% of automotive manufactures rely upon our HD maps for precision driving. We offer the highest road coverage across Europe, the US and Asia. Our company is continuously expanding coverage and features.

Updating your maps will provide you:

TomTom map updates

Extended Sensor range

Our latest updates extend sensor range giving it a context with the surroundings. It acts as a safety net around the vehicle that sees road signs, corners and traffic lights.

TomTom map updates

Safer route planning

Never worry about driving on the wrong side of the road, changing lanes with the latest map updates. Enter the route from the comfort of your home/ office and let out GPS devices execute it safely.

TomTom Home Download: Manage your navigation device

Manage your navigation device with TomTom Home download. It is a handy and free utility tool that helps you manage device content. You can update maps, get new maps, update your favourite addresses. It allows you to get real-time traffic updates, road warnings, weather alerts and much more.

TomTom Home download

Seamless GPS device management

Easily manage your GPS device with TomTom Home by downloading and installing it on your computer. Once installed connect the unit using a USB cable and run the software. You will get all the options for device management at the home screen, making it easy to use.

TomTom Sat nav Update

Update your sat-nav device

Update the device for the latest changes in the roads, addresses, POIs, regulations. Get real-time traffic reports for efficient driving. Timely alerts help you to slow down when you are approaching a traffic light. That’s not all, you can also save images and documents on the GPS device.

TomTom GPS Navigation

Plan routes before stepping in the vehicle

Another noteworthy feature of this tool is the ability to plan your routes comfortably from anywhere. It is much more efficient this way because you don’t have to step in the vehicle and then plan the route. All you have to do is to enter the start and endpoint. Let the software do its magic by providing you with the most efficient route.

Set Up Sat Nav with TomTom com/ getstarted

To use your sat nav device for the first time after purchasing or after major updates you need to first use TomTom com/ getstarted.

Follow the steps for registering the device with the server.

  • On your computer open your favourite web browser and enter the link mentioned above.
  • After landing on the page, click on getstarted.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Connect your GPS device to the computer when prompted.
TomTom com/ getstarted

Note: Use only the USB cable that came with the device box.

Don’t use the mount for connecting the GPS device to the computer.

Plugin the device directly to the USB slot.

  • Enter the information for creating your account. Choose the country where you live.

Fill in the email address and create a strong password.

  • When the setup is complete, your device is registered with the server and is ready to use.
  • You can access all the information from the notification area of the tool.
  • It will tell you when updates are available for your GPS device.

TomTom My Drive Download: Update your navigation device

For updating the device you need TomTom my Drive download on your computer. It is a free support tool that lets you manage the content and services on your GPS device. You can download the latest updates, get new software updates, purchase and renew your services. We recommend all our users regularly connect the device with the computer to check for updates. Every week we upload several updates to the server.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the MyDrive. After installing connect the device to the computer, the software will start automatically.

  • Help keep GPS device up-to-date

    The notification bar will show an alert when the updates are available. Download the updates with a single click.

  • Manage your content

    Easily manage maps, speed cameras, new services and much more.

  • Access support material

    Smart media connect allows you to access user manuals and other support materials.

If MyDrive is not working on your computer, contact us.

TomTom my Drive download